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  Nature, Science, Lancet, Trends in ..., Journal of Biological Chemistry, American Journal of Human Genetics, Elsevier,
Science News
  ABC, American Scientist, BBC, BioMedNet, CNN, Discovery, Discover, EurekAlert!, Headline Spot, Human Nature Daily Review, National Academies, National Geographics, NatureScienceUpdate, New Scientist, New York Times, Planet Ark, Physics Today, SciCentral, Science Now, Science News, Sciencentral News, SciTechDaily, Scientific American, Slate, Space.com, Space Daily, The Atlantic, The Scientist, Wired
  Harvard University Press, Oxford University Press, Princeton University Press, Springer Verlag
  Biokemisk forening, DNLB, Drosophila Research Conference, FlyBase, New York Academy of Sciences, Pub Med, The Royal Society,
Science and Culture
  Edge, Encyclopædia Britannica, HotAir (IgNobel), Nobel e-museum, MIT virtual biology lab, Public Library of Science, Sparc,